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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Mwanza to Bukoba

 End of September and the beginning of October

Ten days after being discharged from the hospital, I left Dar es
Salaam with my fellow missionaries (James Hargrave, Michael Pagedas,
and Felice Stewart) and arrived in Mwanza.  Mwanza is where His
Eminence Jeronymos's archdiocese is located.  We spent a day or so
with His Eminence and then left for Bukoba, where we will live for the
next two years. We will be working at Resurrection Hospital and assist
in projects His Eminence requests of us.  His Eminence departed for
the annual synod meeting just before we left for Bukoba. 

End of October 

We have now been here for a little over a week.  We have continued to
unpack and gradually get settled in our final home for the next two
years.  His Eminence is schedule to return from Egypt at the end of
the week.  We will ask for his blessing to continue our learning
Kiswahili and gradually help at the hospital.  This is a very exciting
time especially for myself.  I have been itching to start clinical
work.  Even though I will only spend a few hours a week at the
hospital, I am so happy to start to "dip my pinky toe" into medical
care in Tanzania! 

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  1. From Aaron Hampton: Thank you for your hard working in helping these people. I pray for you every night before bed. I hope you are able to help these people lots. Thank you.