In Tanzania, visitors are often welcomed with music. Since you are visiting my blog here's some welcoming music.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It's Time for the First-Ever Missionary Awards!

Since my first year anniversary is coming up in a few weeks, I would like to announce the 2010-2011 Winners for Team Tanzania are:

Best Expression of Unconditional Love (Human Category):  Without a doubt, this one goes to Sophia Spyridon--"Ninapenda Katarina."

Best Lunch Buddy and Futbol Friend: Who else? Michael Pagedas! this one's for you, dude (iFro Rules!).

The Next Best Thing to Mom Award: Felice Stewart walks away with this one; she waited on me hand and foot while I was recovering from my appendectomy

Best Techno Missionary: Our favorite team coordinator , James Hargrave, who knows just what to text in the middle of a crisis ("you're going to be OK and God is with you").

Best Driver in Bukoba: Our Man Behind the Wheel, Godfrey.

Best Bugs: The Grasshoppers they sell in the market at Bukoba (yum!).

Best Restaurant in Bukoba: Where else? The Walkguard (replacement for the Perch)!

Best Chanter in Tanzania: Anastasios Kiyonga makes all of us (and the angels) cry. (You can hear his angelic voice on my latest post.)

Best Support Team: St John's Parish in Cedar Park, Texas! Thanks, guys! Keep those cards and twizzlers coming!

Best Administrative Call: A Big Shout-Out to all the folks at OCMC HQ in St Augustine for our great insurance! Way to Go!

Best Expression of Unconditional Love (Animal Category):  This one goes to Kelly, the giraffe in Nairobi, for her goodbye kisses.

Be Free


Monday, June 20, 2011

Resurrection Hymn in Tone 8 in Kiswahili

Sung by the Orthodox seminarians in Kasikizi, Tanzania

From the heights Thou didst descend, O Compassionate One, and Thou didst submit to the three-day burial, that Thou might deliver us from passion. Thou art our Life and our Resurrection, O Lord, glory to Thee!

Resurrection Hymn in Tone 6 in Kiswahili

Sung by the Orthodox seminarians in Kasikizi, Tanzania.

When Mary stood at Thy grave, looking for Thy sacred body, angelic powers shone above Thy revered tomb. And the soldiers who were to keep guard became as dead men. Thou led hades captive and wast not tempted thereby. Thou didst meet the Virgin and didst give life to the world. O Thou who art risen from the dead, O Lord, glory to Thee.

Resurrection hymn in Tone 2 in Kiswahili

Sung by the Orthodox seminarians in Kasikizi, Tanzania

When Thou didst submit Thyself unto death, O Thou deathless and immortal One, then Thou didst destroy Hell with Thy godly power, and when Thou didst raise the dead from beneath the earth, all the powers of heaven did cry aloud unto Thee, “O Christ, Thou Giver of Life: glory to Thee!”

Lord's Prayer in Kiswahili

Baba yetu uliye mbinguni,
 Jina lako litukuzwe,
Ufalme wako uje,
Mapenzi yako yatimizwe,
hapa duniani kama huko mbinguni.
Utupe leo mkate wetu wa kila siku;
na utusamehe deni zetu, kama sisi
tuwasamehevyo wadeni wetu;
tena usitutie majaribuni, lakini
utuokoe na yule mwovu.