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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It's Time for the First-Ever Missionary Awards!

Since my first year anniversary is coming up in a few weeks, I would like to announce the 2010-2011 Winners for Team Tanzania are:

Best Expression of Unconditional Love (Human Category):  Without a doubt, this one goes to Sophia Spyridon--"Ninapenda Katarina."

Best Lunch Buddy and Futbol Friend: Who else? Michael Pagedas! this one's for you, dude (iFro Rules!).

The Next Best Thing to Mom Award: Felice Stewart walks away with this one; she waited on me hand and foot while I was recovering from my appendectomy

Best Techno Missionary: Our favorite team coordinator , James Hargrave, who knows just what to text in the middle of a crisis ("you're going to be OK and God is with you").

Best Driver in Bukoba: Our Man Behind the Wheel, Godfrey.

Best Bugs: The Grasshoppers they sell in the market at Bukoba (yum!).

Best Restaurant in Bukoba: Where else? The Walkguard (replacement for the Perch)!

Best Chanter in Tanzania: Anastasios Kiyonga makes all of us (and the angels) cry. (You can hear his angelic voice on my latest post.)

Best Support Team: St John's Parish in Cedar Park, Texas! Thanks, guys! Keep those cards and twizzlers coming!

Best Administrative Call: A Big Shout-Out to all the folks at OCMC HQ in St Augustine for our great insurance! Way to Go!

Best Expression of Unconditional Love (Animal Category):  This one goes to Kelly, the giraffe in Nairobi, for her goodbye kisses.

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