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Sunday, November 28, 2010

8 days

The past few days have been filled with anxiety about the past few 
weeks.  Most of you probably already know that my maternal grandmother 
passed away from pancreatic cancer this past Friday.  Until then she 
was a "healthy 92 year old."  She had my mom when she was 40 years 
old.  I had just visited her in May.  I remember because I was off 
work with the shingles.  She actually looked "well."  A week later she 
was in the hospital with jaundice (yellow discoloration of the skin 
and eyes).  I had a feeling that this would be the beginning of the 
end.  Two weeks later she is in a coma.  I was able to "talk" and pray 
with her on the phone.  I did all of the talking.  I won't be able to 
attend her memorial service because it is two days before I leave the 
country. Big is God I had the opportunity to talk with her before she 
departed this life. 

    I packed two weeks ago.  The bags are all over my bedroom...(oh
sorry the GUEST bedroom) floor (my dad calls the room I have stayed in
for the past 3 years, the guest room.  EVERYone thought I would be
overseas by now.  I never planned on living with my folks until I was
nearly 30. 
    So tomorrow will be a full day. 1) I will finish signing my car
over to the Grohs 2) Take my clothes to a women's shelter. 3)  Finish
my thank you cards 4) Have lunch with my mom at the East side Cafe. 5)
workout 6) Pack FINALLY...and then I won't look at it. 
    Someone asked the other day: how does someone "pack" for two years
to live overseas?  Answer: I have no idea, I just work here. 
    Five questions: I love 
1.  This one is asked to my mom: Aren't you scared that she could
Seriously, do you WANT to make my mom cry? 
2.  Are you insane? 
Yes, why are you just now realizing that? 
4.  Are you excited about going? 
No, this will be the hardest job I will ever have, but it will be the
best job I will ever have.  I guess you could say I am ready for an
adventure and to have darts thrown at me =) 
5.  You have to "pay" to go work for free? 
Isn't that what we all did DURING SCHOOL?  This is how mission work is
done and I love it! 
Finally, I am so very happy to have the chance to share with you on
this new journey towards my life long dream.

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