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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Top 10 Tanzanian Things You can Buy From Vendors Who Approach You When You are Stuck in Traffic or Sitting Down for a Meal.

10. Water or Soda 

9. Sugar Cane, Pickled dates, or Tangerines/Oranges/Bananas 

8. Bumper Stickers or Posters of Celebrities/Presidents 

7. Packaged Cookies, Ice Cream, or Assorted Nuts 

6. Tennis Rackets, Children's Toys/clothes, Assorted Children's School
Supplies with characters/celebrities on cell phone minute cards 

5. DVD Trilogy of the lives of Barack Obama/Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete
(current President of Tanzania) and the Koran.  Any DVD for that

4. Watches, Belts, T-shirts, Shoes, Ties, Children's clothing, Hats,
or Jewelry 

3. Pillows, Beach Towels, Sweat rags, or Steering Wheel Covers. 

2.  One cigarette (not a pack)
And the Number One thing you can buy from Tanzanian vendors IS (wait
for it): Underwear 

Who needs Wal-mart?

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