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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Some Tanzanian Traditions and Culture brought to you by Mama Jango via katie

Note from the editor:  These are examples from different tribes and do
not represent the beliefs and practices of all the people of
Pregnancy and Childbirth
In some tribes in Africa when women become pregnant they move in with
their parents/grandparents/in-laws and live with them until the child
is born to learn how to be a mom and to learn about pregnancy and
Most women now are having their children in a hospital.  This is due
to a campaign started by the government to educate woman on how much
healthier it is to do this.  Sometimes the birth happens before it is
possible for the woman to get to a hospital.
Many women give birth and leave the next day from the hospital.  In
the hospital it is very common to have four women to one twin bed.
After birth, in some tribes, the woman is instructed to lie on her
stomach for 40 days and seclude herself and her baby during this
time.  This is also done when the woman is eating.  The women believe
that lying on their stomachs will flatten their bellies and increase
digestion.  After the 40 days the woman can move around more freely
and start doing the cooking and cleaning once again.
Naming of the Child
Many times family members will ask that the to-be-born child be named
after them.
Some families write down three names and let a child pick from a
Some women name their child after an event that happened during their
pregnancy.  The child could be named the Swahili equivalent to "year
of the big flood."  Example:  Many women named their sons "Obama" in
2009 when Barak Obama became president.
One the downside, sometimes a woman will become pregnant out of
wedlock, and the child is named the Swahili equivalent to "sadness" or
"unwanted".  This is due to the mother being scolded and harassed for
becoming pregnant out of wedlock.
Many children aren't named until 40 days after they are born.

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